Buy Used 40ft shipping container for sale near me

Buy Used 40ft shipping container for sale near me

Finding a used 40ft shipping container for sale near you can be a straightforward process. Here are some steps and resources to help you locate one:

1. **Online Marketplaces:**

   – **eBay:** A popular marketplace where you can find both new and used shipping containers.

   – **Craigslist:** Local listings often have used shipping containers for sale. Check the “For Sale” section under “General.”

   – **Facebook Marketplace:** Another platform where local sellers list used shipping containers.

2. **Specialized Websites:**

   – **** A website dedicated to the sale of shipping containers.

   – **BoxHub:** Specializes in new and used shipping containers.

   – **** Offers a wide range of containers with delivery options.

   – **ContainerOne:** Sells both new and used containers, often with customization options.

3. **Local Container Suppliers:**

   – Search for shipping container suppliers or dealers in your area. Many local businesses sell used containers.

   – Visit or contact local ports or shipping yards, as they often sell used containers.

4. **Classified Ads:**

   – Local newspapers and community boards sometimes have ads for used shipping containers.

5. **Networking:**

   – Ask around in your local business community, especially if there are logistics or construction companies, as they may have containers for sale or know where to find them.

### Tips for Buying

– **Inspect the Container:** Before purchasing, inspect the container for any signs of rust, damage, or structural issues.

– **Check for Certification:** Ensure the container has a valid CSC (Container Safety Convention) plate if you plan to use it for shipping.

– **Delivery Options:** Consider the cost and logistics of delivery to your location.

– **Compare Prices:** Get quotes from multiple sellers to ensure you get a competitive price.

If you provide your specific location, I can give more tailored advice or find local suppliers for you.

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