We can ship to virtually any address in America and around the world. We hire only verified local carriers to ensure the safety of your needs. Delivery charges will vary based on region and delivery conditions. Delivery charges will be included in the invoiced amount, and the full amount is due to us before delivery. Please contact us prior to placing an order to determine the shipping charges from our yard to your preferred delivery location.

Self-pick-up is available for customers who have available resources. Please contact us to determine if your truck will be able to safely and securely transport the unit(s) from our shipping yard to your delivery location.

»Delivery Method
1) Up to 150 miles
• The 20′ Containers are delivered on a medium-duty truck with a roll-back trailer
• The 40′ Container is delivered on a medium or heavy-duty truck with a tilt bed trailer that meets ground level for loading and unloading the stationary equipment on the bed.
2) Over 150 miles
The container must be delivered on a medium or heavy-duty truck with the flatbed, step-deck, or hot-shot trailer as an ordinary tilt bed or roll-back trailer is inadequate for long-distance deliveries.
*medium or heavy-duty forklift service may be required at the delivery location.

»Site Preparations for delivery
1) Check space – It will require space to maneuver after the box is dropped (min. 60′ for 20′ unit and min. 100′ for 40′ unit). The truck also requires ample space to turn and drive away (A forklift may be required in instances where the delivery point is difficult to access).
2) Check surface – Please ensure that the surface is hard enough to withstand the weight of a 45,000-pound truck and trailer.
3) Remove obstruction – Please ensure that there are no power lines, tree branches, or other obstructions on the roadside that may impede the 16-foot-high truck.
4) Check ground level – Please ensure that landing surfaces are level so that nothing impairs the opening and closing of the container door. Wood blocks may be used to balance out an uneven load for fine adjustments.

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